LIBC Human Potential

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LIBC Human Potential

People aim at optimizing their health and well-being, for example by changing the way how to manage their lifestyle, and they try to maximize their current mental and physical health. The aim of this LIBC Hotspot's research is to support them in doing so by developing and evaluating strategies and procedures to increase, optimize, maintain, or regain one's mental and physical resources and performance.

Research within this research area or hotspot is conducted under the supervision of dr. Laura Steenbergenprof.dr. Lorenza Colzato and dr. Rebecca Schaefer


What is human potential research? Watch this video: 




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SIPS conference

From 7-9 July a new public event is being organized. 
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More Examples of research within this hotspot:




A whole day public seminar (in Dutch) was organized in September 2014 titled 'Optimaliseer jezelf, train je hersenen'. 
Curious about this day? Watch this video (in Dutch):




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