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LIBC Newsletter

LIBC Newsletter (1)

Monday, 15 September 2014 12:01

LIBC related PhD defenses

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November 25, Malou Noten, Empathy and its association with aggression in early childhood
Promotors: Prof.dr. H. Swaab & Prof.dr. S.H.M. van Goozen

November 18, Danielle Bartels, Placebo And Nocebo Effects On Itch
Promotors: Prof.dr. A.W.M Evers & Prof.dr. P.C.M. van de Kerkhof (Radboud UMC)

November 11, Yung-Ting Tsou, Navigating the World of Emotions; Social Information Processing in Children with and without Hearing Loss
Promotors: Prof. dr. C. Rieffe & J.H.M. Frijns

October 28, Frederieke Behrens, Physiological Synchrony in the Context of Cooperation: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
Promotor: Prof.dr. B. Hommel

October 14, Rogier Feis, Neuroimaging biomarkers in genetic frontotemporal dementia: towards a timely diagnosis
Promotors: Prof.dr. S.A.R.B. Rombouts & Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchem

October 14, M.A.W. Rinne-Albers, Childhood sexual abuse and its effect on adolescent brain structure
Promotors: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren & Prof.dr. N.J.A. van der Wee

October 13, Cesko Voeten, The adoption of sound change
Promotors: Prof.dr. C.C. Levelt & Prof.dr. Y. Chen

September 29, Nikita Schoemaker,  I'll take you under my wing: Positive parenting in foster care
Promotor: Prof.dr. L.R.A. Alink

September 15, Sabine van der Asdonk, Growing up safely: Attachment-based interventions in child protection cases 
Promotor: Prof.dr. L.R.A. Alink

September 10, Daphne Tona Klodiana, Investigating the human locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system in vivo: Discussions on the anatomy, involvement in cognition and clinical applications 
Promotors: Prof.dr. S.T. Nieuwenhuis & Prof.dr. B.U. Forstmann (UvA)

June 3, Stefanie Meeuwis, Placebo and nocebo effects in itch: from conditioning to psychophysiological effects 
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers

May 28, Renate Buisman, Getting to the Heart of Child Maltreatment: a Multidimensional Investigation using an Extended Family Design
Promotor: Prof.dr. L.R.A. Alink

May 14, M. Panagiotou, Sleep alternations in the course of aging: Environmental Inputs
Promotor: Prof.dr. Joke H. Meijer

April 30, Astrid kraal, Different Readers, Different Texts, Different Processes: The effects of reader and text properties on text processing (online)
Promotor: Prof.dr. P.W. van den Broek

March 12, Michelle Achterberg, Like me, or else...Nature, nurture and neural mechanisms of social emotion regulation in childhood
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.A.M. Crone 

January 22, Art therapy & Anxiety
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.T. Swaab

January 14, Janna Marie Bas-Hoogendam, Extremely Shy & Genetically Close. 
Promotors: Prof.dr. P.M. Westenberg & Prof.dr. N.J.A. van der Wee

January 9, Charlotte van Schie, Knowing me, knowing you. 
Promotors: Prof.dr. B.M. Elzinga, Prof.dr. S.A.R.B. Rombouts & Prof.dr. W.J. Heiser



December 12, Eleanor Dutton, Language diversity in the psycholinguistic study of sentence form variation
Promotors: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller & Prof.dr. M.G. Kossmann

December 10, Mara van der Meulen, The social brain in middle childhood
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.A.M. Crone

December 10, Anne Cuperus, Virtual experience, real impact: The influence of virtual reality on memory and behaviour
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers

November 21, M.J. van Hoof, Unresolved-disorganized attachment, psychopathology, and the adolescent brain
Promotors: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren & Prof.dr. M.H. van Ijzendoorn (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam; University of Cambridge)

November 21, L. Grand Moursel, Molecular pathology of hereditary cerebral hemorrhage with amyloidosis-Dutch type
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchem

November 13, Yifei Bi, The production and perception of incomplete tonal neutralization
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

November 7, Angelos Angelidis, Losing Control
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.J.W. van der Does

October 29, Aleksandrina Skvortsova, Placebo effects and the endocrine system: the role of oxytocin
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers

October 29, A.K. Hauber, Personality disorders and insecure attachment among adolescents
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren

September 25, Andrea Spruijt, Curious minds: Stimulating parent-child interaction to foster neurocognitive functioning in four- to eight-year-olds
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.T. Swaab

September 18, T.M. Schouten, Classification of dementia and early cognitive decline using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Promotors: Prof.dr. S.A.R.B. Rombouts & Prof.dr. M.J. de Rooij

September 10, Lemmy Schakel, Evaluating the effectiveness of innovative psychological intervention tools in optimizing health outcomes: A multimethod approach
Promotors: Prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers & Prof.dr. T.H.M. Ottenhof

June 26, Sanne van Luenen, Living positive with HIV: EHealth for people with HIV and depressive symptoms
Promotor: Prof.dr. P. Spinhoven

June 12, Ilse van Wijk, Social behavior in young twins
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

May 29, A.M. van Opstal, Functional brain responses in the maintenance of energy balance
Promotor: Prof.dr. S.A.R.B. Rombouts

May 16, T. Schomann, Multimodal Visualization of Adult Stem Cells in Inner Ear and Brain Pathology
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.H.M. Frijns

May 15, Andreas Burger, Hitting the Right Nerve: Effects of Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Symptoms of Anxiety
Promotors: Prof.dr. W. van der Does & Prof.dr. J.F. Brosschot

May 9, C. Magro Checa, On Cerebral Lupus
Promotors: Prof.dr. T.W.J. Huizinga & Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchum

April 24, Dana van Son, EEG Theta/Beta Ratio A marker of executive control and its relation with anxiety-linked attentional bias for threat
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.J.W. van der Does

April 9, Janice Sandjojo, Turning disabilities into abilities. Promoting self-management in people with intellectual disabilities
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers

March 6, Lisa Schreuders, Got a friend in me?
Promotors: Prof.dr. B. Güroglu & Prof.dr. E.A.M. Crone

February 21, Bryant Jongkees, Neuromodulation of cognitive-behavioral control
Promotors: Prof.dr. S.T. Nieuwenhuis & Prof.dr. L.S. Colzato

February 14, Neeltje Blankenstein, Risky business?
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.A.M. Crone

February 6, S.B.B. de Boer, Age of onset of disruptive behavior of residentially treated adolescents
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren



December 11, L.W. de Jong, Ventral striatal atrophy in Alzheimer's disease: exploring a potential new imaging marker for early dementia
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchem

December 11, Andreea Geambasu, Simple rule learning is not simple: Studies on infant and adult pattern perception and production
Promotor: Prof.dr. C.C. Levelt & prof.dr. C. ten Cate

November 20, Rima-Maria Rahal, Cognitive Processes in Social and Moral Decision Making
Promotor: Prof.dr. C.K.W. de Dreu

November 1, Min Liu,Tone and intonation processing: From ambiguous acoustic signal to linguistic representation
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

October 31, Evelien Dirks, Psychosocial Functioning in Toddlers with Moderate Hearing Loss: The Importance of Caregivers
Promotor: Prof.dr. C. Rieffe & J.H.M. Frijns

October 10, S. van Duijn, MRI and histological studies on early markers of Alzheimer's disease
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchem

September 26, Harmke Opmeer-Leloux, Who Cares?!
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.M. Scholte & prof.dr. J.T. Swaab

September 25, M.M. van der Ploeg, The continuum of consciousness in cardiovascular stress research: An experimental expedition
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.F. Brosschot

September 6, Bernadet Klaassens, Imaging functional brain connectivity: pharmacological modulation, aging and Alzheimer's disease
Promotor: Prof.dr. S.A.R.B. Rombouts & prof.dr. J.M.A. van Gerven

May 31, Bobby Ruijgrok, Tapping into semantic recovery
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller & prof.dr. L.L. Cheng

May 30, Yang Yang, The two sides of wh-indeterminates in Mandarin: A prosodic and processing account
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller & prof.dr. L.L. Cheng

April 17, Esther Heckendorf,What's in a child's face?
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg & prof.dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn

April 12, A.P. Netten, The link between hearing loss, language, and social functioning in childhood
Promotor: Prof.dr. Johan Frijns & prof.dr. Carolien Rieffe

April 4, Zohreh Shimizadeh, Prosody and processing of wh-in-situ questions in standard Persian
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

March 21, A. Versluis, Reducing daily stress: breaking a habit
Promotor: Prof. dr. P. Spinhoven & prof.dr. J.F. Brosschot 

February 21, Gemma Zantinge, Emotion regulation in young children with autism
Promotor: Prof.dr. H. Swaab

February 7, Kaya Peerdeman, Harnessing placebo effects by targeting expectancies
Promotor: Prof.dr. A.W.M. Evers & Prof.dr. M.L. Peters

January 23, Moji Aghajani, The Juvenile Antisocial Brain 
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren & Prof.dr. N.J.A. van der Wee

January 23, Eduard Klapwijk, Neural mechanisms of social-emotional dysfunction in autism spectrum disorder and conduct disorder 
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren & Prof.dr. A. Popma

January 18, Anita Harrewijn, Shy parent, shy child? 
Promotor: Prof.dr. P.M. Westenberg



November 23, Roy de Kleijn, Control of complex actions in humans and robots
Promotor: Prof.dr. B. Hommel

November 16, Anne Krause-Utz, The influence of dissociation on emotional distractibility in borderline personality disorder: a neuroimaging approach
Promotores: Prof.dr. B.M. Elzinga & Prof.dr. P.H. Spinhoven

November 7, Rudy van den Brink, Catecholamine function, brain state dynamics, and human cognition
Promotor: Prof.dr. S.T. Nieuwenhuis

October 31, Margarita Gulian, The development of the speech production mechanism in young children: Evidence from the acquisition of onset clusters in Dutch
Promotor: Prof.dr. C.C. Levelt and Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

October 31, Rosa Meuwese, Me, My Friends, and I
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.A. Crone 

July 5, Man Wang, A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Speech Production in Mandarin Chinese
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

July 5, Daan van de Velde, The processing of prosody by Dutch cochlear implant users
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller and J.H.M. Frijns

July 4, Jill Suurland, Aggressive behavior in early childhood
Promotor: Prof.dr. H. Swaab and Prof.dr. S.H.M. van Goozen (Cardiff  University)

June 28, Nathalie Doorenweerd, The Duchenne Brain
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.J.G.M. Verschuuren

June 1, Olga Kepinska, The Neurobiology of Individual Differences in Grammar Learning
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

April 20, J. Schoorl, Self-regulation in boys with oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder
Promotores: Prof.dr. H. Swaab & Prof.dr. S.H.M. van Goozen

April 12, A.P. Netten, The link between hearing loss, language, and social functioning in childhood
Promotor: J.H.M. Frijns, Prof.dr. C. Rieffe

March 14, Hanneke Smaling, Maternal reflective functioning: Influence on parenting practices and the early development of externalizing behaviour
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.T. Swaab & prof.dr. S.H.M. van Goozen

March 2, Katinka Beker, Learning from texts: Extending and revising knowledge
Promotor: Prof. dr. P.W. van den Broek 

January 19, Welmer Molenmaker, The (un)willingness to reward cooperation and punish non-cooperation
Promotor: Prof.dr. E. van Dijk

January 19, Andrea Wildeboer, Nice traits or nasty states
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn, Prof.dr. M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Prof.dr. H.W. Tiemeier (Erasmus MC)

January 12, Jorien van Hoorn, Hanging out with the right crowd
Promotor: Prof.dr. Prof.dr. E.A. Crone, Prof.dr. E. van Dijk, Prof.dr. C. Rieffe

January 10, Steven J.A. van der Werff, The stressed brain
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.J.A. van der Wee

January 2, Laura Compier-de Block, Child Maltreatment
Promotoren:  Prof.dr. M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Prof.dr. L.R.A. Alink, Prof.dr. B.M. Elzinga



November 17, M. Spierings, The music of language
Promotor: Prof.dr. C.J. ten Cate

November 15, A. Helder, Monitoring the coherence of texts: Coherence-break detection across development
Promotor: Prof.dr. P.W. van den Broek

October 6, M. Kowal, Thinking high: The impact of cannabis on human cognition
Promotor: Prof.dr. B. Hommel

October 5, L.C.J. Oudejans, Pain perception and modulation in acute and chronic pain states
Promotor: Prof.dr. A. Dahan

June 16, L. Steenbergen, Cognitive enhancement: Toward the integration of theory and practice
Promotor: Prof.dr. S.T. Nieuwenhuis

May 26, A. Hafkemeijer, Brain networks in aging and dementia
Promotor: Prof.dr. S.A. Rombouts

February 24, M.K. Noordewier, The dynamics of surprise and curiosity
Promotores: Prof.dr. Eric van Dijk, prof.dr. Wilco van Dijk

February 18, K. Ma, Investigating self-representation with virtual reality
Promotor: Prof.dr. Bernhard Hommel

February 10, K.S. van der Marel, Unraveling the implanted cochlea: Radiological evaluation of Cochlear Morphology and Electrode Position in CI patients. Promotor: Prof.dr. J.H.M. Frijns, Co-promotores: J.J. Briaire & B.M. Verbist

February 9, S.W. Kleibeukers - What box?: behavioural, neuro-imaging, and training studies on the development of creative cognition in adolescence
Promotor: Prof. dr. Eveline Crone

February 2, H.J.A. Rolde, Population ageing and health care expenditure
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.G.J. Westendorp

January 27, S. Peters, The Adolescent Brain
Promotor: Prof.dr. Eveline Crone

December 16, S. Reijman – Child maltreatment under the skin
Promotores: Prof.dr. L. R. A. Alink, Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg & Prof.dr. M. H. van IJzendoorn

December 8, H. Locher, Cellular development of the human cochlea and the regenerative potential of hair follicle bulge stem cells. Promotor: Prof.dr. J.H.M. Frijns, Co-promotores: M.A. Huisman & S.M. Chuva de Sousa Lopes

December 7, W. Ngamkham (Delft University), Analog Intergrated Circuit and System Design for a Compact, Low-Power cochlear Implant, Promotores: Prof.dr. W.A. Serdijn (Delft University) & Prof.dr. J.H.M. Frijns

November 25, L. van der Pol, Focus on feelings: Parental emotion socialization in early childhood
Promotores: Prof.dr. J. Mesman & Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg
November 24, D. A. Windhorst, Differential susceptibility to parenting: Exploring new approaches
Promotores: Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Prof.dr. M. H. van IJzendoorn & Prof.dr. H. Tiemeier (Erasmus MC- UMC)
November 17, B. Braams, Adolescent Risk Taking
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.A. Crone, Co-promotor: Dr. J. S. Peper

November 11, F. B. van der Beek, Speech perception with cochlear implants: Improving the interface. Promotor: Prof.dr. J.H.M. Frijns, Co-promotor: J.J. Briaire
October 7, L. Hallers-Haalboom, Mothers and fathers: Parenting practices in families with two children
Promotores: Prof.dr. J. Mesman & Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

September 15, N.S. Lawand (Delft University), Micromachining technologies for future Cochlear Implants, Promotores: Prof.dr. P.J. French (Delft University) & Prof.dr. J.H.M. Frijns

July 2, J. Wu, Tonal bilingualism: the case of two related Chinese dialects
Promotores: Prof.dr. N. O. Schiller & Prof.dr. V. J. J. P. van Heuven
July 1, L. van Rosmalen, From Security to Attachment
Promotores: Prof.dr. R. van der Veer, Prof.dr. M. H. van Ijzendoorn
June 16, S. B. R. E. Brown, The role of the locus-coeruleus-noradrenaline system in temporal attention and uncertainty processing
Promotores: Prof.dr. S. Nieuwenhuis & Prof.dr. B. Hommel
June 10, S. van Rooden, MR imaging in cerebral amyloidosis: entering a new phase
Promotores: Prof.dr. M. A. van Buchem, Prof.dr. A. Webb 

June 4, G. J. Will, Acceptance, rejection and the social brain in adolescence: toward a neuroscience of peer relations
Promotor: Prof.dr. E. A. M. Crone

June 2, B. G. van den Bulk, The Affective Amygdala: towards a better understanding of adolescent depressive and anxiety disorders
Promotores: Prof.dr. R. R. J. M. Vermeiren & Prof.dr. E. A. Crone
May 19, H. van den Berg, About the importance of an early start with parent-child reading
Promotores: Prof.dr. A. G. Bus & Prof.dr. D. H. Schram

May 12, M. J. Ruiz Muñoz, Controlling thought and action: a perspective from khat users and cocaine users
Promotor: Prof.dr. B. Hommel

April 21, J. J. Endendijk, Heroes and housewives: The role of gender and gender stereotypes in parenting and child development
Promotores: Prof.dr. J. Mesman & Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

March 12, H. Cerit, Testing antidepressant compounds in a neuropsychological model of drug action
Promotor: Prof.dr. A. J. W. van der Does

March 10, S.R. van Berkel, Growing up together
Promotores: Prof.dr. J. Mesman & Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

March 5, J.N. Pannekoek, Using novel imaging approaches in affective disorders: beyond current models
Promotores: Prof.dr. S. A. R. B. Rombouts, Prof.dr. N. J. A. van de Wee &  Prof.dr. F. G. Zitman

February 19, S. Overgaauw, Social reorientation in adolescence: Neurobiological changes and individual differences in empathic concern
Promotor: Prof.dr. E. A. Crone

January 28, A. van der Kant – Neural correlates of vocal learning in songbirds and humans
Promotores: prof.dr. N.O. Schiller, prof.dr. C.C. Levelt, Prof.dr. A. van der Linden

January 27, Ilya Veer, Building a Phonological Inventory
Promotores: Prof.dr. S. A. R. B. Rombouts & Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchem

January 22, M.A. Schel , New perspectives on self-control development: Highlighting the role of intentional inhibition
Promotor: Prof.dr. E. A. Crone

January 15, D. A. Beudeker, On regulatory focus and performance in organizational evironments
Promotores: Prof.dr. N. Ellemers, Prof.dr. R. W. B. Blonk

January 7, B.L. Mah, Postnatal depression, oxytocin and maternal sensitivity
Promotores: Prof.dr. M. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Prof.dr. M. H. van IJzendoorn
January 7, B.M. van ’t Veer, Building a Phonological Inventory
Promotores: Prof.dr. C. C. Levelt, Prof.dr. M. van Oostendorp

December 18, J. Witteman, Towards a cognitive neuroscience of prosody perception and its modulation by alexithymia
Promotores: Prof.dr. V.J.J.P. van Heuven, Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

December 17, S. de Brouwer, Psychophysiological stress reactivity in chronic inflammatory diseases: stress exposure and stress management in rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.
Promotores: Prof.dr. A. W. Evers & Prof.dr. P.L. van Riel

December 4, H. Sun, Time reference and bare predicates in Mandarin
Promotores: Prof.dr. L. L. S. Cheng, Prof.dr. R. P. E. Sybesma, Prof.dr. H. Demirdache (Université de Nantes)

November 27, A. van der Voort, The importance of sensitive parenting
Promotores: Prof.dr. F. Juffer, Prof.dr. M. J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

November 25, H. Ekmekci, Sensitive Parenting in Turkish Ethnic Minority Families
Promotores: Prof.dr. J. Mesman, Prof.dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn

November 19, M. J. L. Prevoo, Bilingualism is more than just the sum of two parts: The family context of language development in ethnic minority children
Promotores: Prof.dr. J. Mesman, Prof.dr. M. H. van IJzendoorn. Co-promotor: Dr. M. Malda
November 6, F. E. A. Verhoeven, Rain with chances of a thunderstorm
Promotor: Prof. dr. A. J. W. van der Does

October 30, M. Niesters, Evolution of endogenous analgesia 
Promotor: Prof.dr. A. Dahan  

October 16, J. Chen, Linguistic Birds: Exploring the cognitive abilities in zebra finches by using artificial grammars
Promotor: Prof.dr. C. ten Cate
October 14, J.S. Nixon, Sound of Mind 
Promotor: Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

October 8, J. Huijg, Preconditions for the effective introduction of physical activity interventions for high-risk populations to primary health care
Promotores: Prof.dr. C.M. Maes, Prof.dr. B.M. Middelkoop, co-Promotores: Dr. W.A. Gebhardt & Dr. M.R. Crone

September 17, I. Zalachoras, Selective glucocorticoid receptor modulation: targeting the brain under stress 
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.R. de Kloet

September 10, J.W. Kruijt, Depression Vulnerability: Studying Components of Cognitive Models 
Promotor:  Prof.dr. A.J.W. van der Does

September 10, A.M. de Haan, Ethnic minority youth in Youth Mental Health Care: utilization and dropout 
Promotores: Prof.dr. R.R.J.M. Vermeiren en Prof.dr. J.T.V.M. de Jong (UvA)
June 25, N.J. Davidse, Links between Executive Functions and Early Literacy and Numeracy
Promotores: Prof.dr. A.G. Bus en Prof.dr. J.T. Swaab-Barneveld

June 25, S.A. Verschoor, Learning about goals: Development of action perception and action control
Promotor: Prof.dr. B Hommel, co-Promotor: dr. S. Biro

June 18, C.D. Werner, Carefree in Child Care? Child Wellbeing, Caregiving Quality, and Intervention Programs in Center-based Child Care
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn

June 17, N.T. Doan, Quantitative analysis of human brain MR images at ultrahigh field strength
Promotores: B.P.F. Lelieveldt en Prof.dr. M.A. van Buchem

June 17, R.A. Cárcamo Leiva, Childcare in Chile
Promotores: Prof.dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn & Prof.dr. R. van der Veer
June 10, J. Drost, Worry and Rumination
Promotores: Prof.dr. Ph. Spinhoven & Prof.dr. A. J. W. van der Does

June 4, L. Ketelaar, Beyond hearing: Social-emotional outcomes following cochlear implantation in young children
Promotores: Prof.dr. C. Rieffe & J.H.M. Frijns
June 3, M.L. Molendijk, The Role of BDNF in Depression
Promotores: Prof.dr. B.M. Elzinga, Prof.dr. P. Spinhoven & Prof.dr. B.W.J.H Penninx (VU A’dam)

May 27, F. van Nunspeet, Neural Correlates of the Motivation to be Moral
Promotor: Prof.dr. N. Ellemers

May 22, M. Jamal, Smoking and the onset, severity, and course of depression and anxiety disorders
Promotores: Prof.dr. A.J.W. van der Does en prof.dr. B.W.J.H. Penninx (VU A’dam)

April 16, C. Schoenmaker, From Infancy to Young Adulthood: The Leiden Longitudinal Adoption Study
Promotores: Prof.dr. F. Juffer en prof.dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn

April 1, H.D. Kleinloog, Drug-induced psychomimetic effects as a model for psychosis
Promotores: Prof.dr. J.M.A. van Gerven en prof.dr. A.F. Cohen

March 26, E. Meerman, Health Complaints; testing a causal role of activated illness-memory in symptom reporting
Promotores: Prof.dr. C.M. Maes, co-Promotor: dr. J.F. Brosschot & dr. B. Verkuil
February 12, S. van der Haar, Getting on the Same Page: Team Learning and Team Cognition in Emergency Management
Promotores: Prof.dr. M. Segers, prof.dr. K. A. Jehn en prof.dr. P.W. van den Broek

January 16, R. Stoutjesdijk, Children with emotional and behavioral disorders in special education
Promotores:  Prof.dr. E.M. Scholte en prof.dr. H. Swaab

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